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Adult Faith Formation
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                                                             COMING SOON BIBLE STUDY 2020-2021

                                             THE BOOK OF REVELATION

The author, John, wrote this book to a Christianity that was only 70 years old and being faced with the beginning of several periods of persecution. Jesus, then and now, caring about the Christian Community sent an angel with a revelation to John about his care and concern and to reassure the members of His Church. There are many themes and perspectives that enhance the richness and depth of this book that will be explored in this study, including the ongoing struggle between good and evil, God and Satan, the Lamb and the Beast leading to the triumphant return of Jesus in his Second Coming! We shall see how we share in this joy through our suffering and sacrifice as we join with Jesus in His sacrifice repeated at the Eucharist when we eat and drink His Body and Blood. The basis of this book is the theology of Christ’s death and resurrection as well as His final coming in judgment, which leads to hope for those washed in “the blood of the lamb.” John ends the book with a vision of Christ to sustain His community then and now through the hard times. This book reveals the Risen Jesus’s call for the whole world to experience his love, forgiveness, justice and mercy through his Spirit and His “Bride” – The Church.


The Bible study on The Book of Revelation will only be held by Zoom meetings starting on Tuesdays, 10/27/ 2020 from 6:30-8 p.m. and repeated on Thursdays, 10/29/2020 from    9:30-11 a.m. The fall portion of the study is 4 weeks. We will continue with the study in the Winter/Spring Program. Please watch for future dates! If you would like to participate in this study, have any questions or need further information on it contact Pat Zak at 303-466-8720, ext. 117 or There are no fees for the sessions, but a book may be recommended for outside reading.


Adult Faith Formation Coordinator

Pat Zak M.A.

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St. Mark Catholic Church

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